Mizu Laboratory, 3D printed assistive devices, selfhelp for the elderly, arthritis, disabled, inclusive design

Inclusive Designで快適生活を支援する

水ラボラトリの 3D Print design は "Cool & Functional"




 Mizu Laboratory is a R&D venture founded in 2011 for social contribution. After starting activities on themes of "people and water", the themes have evolved into "people and living"
 Inclusive design is extensive concept , and is a challenging theme for us. Therefore we had searched a development tool for supporting us. Then we met 3D printing technology that was very suitable for us. The attractiveness of 3D printing is to enable us immediately to extract real things from virtual ideas. Particularly, the recent progress of 3D printing makes our support tool amazingly powerful.

 Many people predict the future of 3Dprinting that is the innovative manufacturing methods. We know that there are so many designers who utilize this technology in the world, and that their creativity is surprisingly enormous. Their energy will open a new world that the personal ideas will reach to every people of the world through network. We are now acting along the new ways of R&D that links the manufacturing to social contributions and to networks.


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