水ラボラトリ,水ラボ,Mizu Laboratory,mizulabo,3D printed self-help devices,Inclusive design,Developing 3D printed gadgets for the elderly and people with a loss in functioning.The assistive tools must be simple and cool like products for healthy persons.

「水ラボラトリ」の 3Dプリント自助具は "Simple & Cool"


Vision & Mission






経営方針 : コスト優位性を持った独自の水技術・インクルーシブデザインアイテムをグローバルにスピーディに


  Today is the times we are globally and tightly connected to each other while we strongly assert ourselves. Therefore, we have to establish a pivot foot and see into tomorrow in such world of flooding of information. We started to act on the theme of the relationships between people and water. Now, we are trying to evolve this theme into the relationships between people and things.

  The technological issues of the world’s water can not always be solved by the cutting edge technology. It is needed that new technologies should respond to local needs dispersed around the world such as low cost, low energy consumption, maintenance free, etc

  The roles of developed countries to the world’s population issues diversify and become increasingly important because of accompanying the problem of an aging population. Especially in Japan, the social needs on the aging Issue becomes remarkably apparent, and the new solution is in great demand. Under these situations, the concept of inclusive design, “from exclusion to inclusion”, will become a key to the solution.

  We have recently found the opportunity to be able to treat the issue of the aging population thanks to the recent advances of the 3D printing technology. This technology can respond to a wide range of needs of personal and company user. Accordingly, 3D printing technology became amazingly helpful tools for us.

  We are acting on supplying a variety of items formed by the inclusive design that is helpful for the people around the world, and on supplying fresh water to the people of all corners of the world.

Our Vision : To contribute to the future of water and humanity through water reclamation and inclusive design

Our Mission: To supply to the customers the cost-advantageous, global and unique water technology, and inclusive design items


Tatsuo Ishibashi : Founder & Owner


 若者から高齢者まで元気な人々が創造的に共生し、一人一人のエネルギーが多くの人に伝わり拡大して大きなネットワークになる様を思い描いています。キレイな水とインクルーシブ・デザインを通してネットワークが 成長していくことを願っています。



  Fresh water sources (lakes and marshes, rivers, etc.) available for humanity are only 0.01% of the water area occupying 70% of the earth’s surface area. And, the water is unevenly distributed into limited areas. UNICEF reports that there are 800 millions  peoples who cannot get the fresh water. Humanity cannot live without water. For the sake of acting on this theme of relationships between humanity and water, Mizu laboratory was founded in 2011.

  We are envisioning that the energetic persons, from the young people to the elderly, coexist creatively in the society, and that their energy is passed along to many peoples, and that the big networks are finlally formed. We envisage that such networks will be promoted through the reclamation of water and the inclusive design.

 Brief personal history
-Researched about water and aqueous solution in graduate school, Master of Engineering
-Engaged in R&D in a manufacturing company
-Engaged in development of processing technology, electronic devices, etc., and in
 feasibility study, patent & technology search
-Founded Mizu laboratory