Mizu Laboratory, 3D printed assistive devices, selfhelp for the elderly, arthritis, disabled, inclusive design

Inclusive Designで快適生活をサポートする

水ラボラトリの 3D Print design は "Cool & Functional"



 最近の発展著しい3Dプリンティング技術は広範なユーザーニーズに対応可能な技術です。 我々は「インクルーシブデザイン」と、この3Dプリンティング技術を軸として多くの人々のカスタムニーズに対応できるサービス、製品を提供して行きたいと考えています。

経営理念 : 技術とインクルーシブデザインを通して人の未来に貢献する
経営方針 : 3Dプリンターが創る Cool & Functional なカスタムインクルーシブデザインをグローバルにスピーディにお客様に提供する

 Vision & Mission

 Today is the times we are globally and tightly connected to each other at the same time as we assert strongly ourselves. Therefore, we have to establish a pivot foot and to see into tomorrow in the flood of information.   
 The roles of developed countries to the world’s population issues become increasingly important and diversify due to accompanying the problem of an aging population. The social needs becomes remarkably apparent in Japan because of severe aging issue, and the new solutions are in great demand. The concept of inclusive design “from exclusion to inclusion”, will become an important key as one of those solutions.
 The 3D printing technology with the recent remarkable advances can respond to a variety of user needs.   We will be supplying services and products that can respond to a variety of custom needs based on the inclusive design and the 3D printing technology.

Our Vision : To contribute to the human future through technology and inclusive design
Our Mission: To globally and quickly supply to the customers the cool and functional custom inclusive design created with 3D printer.

Tatsuo Ishibashi : Founder & Owner

 若者から高齢者まで人々が元気に共生し、一人のエネルギーが多くの人に伝わり拡大して大きなネットワークになる様を思い描いています。3Dプリンティングとインクルーシブ・デザインを通してネットワークが 成長していくことを願っています。 


  I envision that persons from the young to the elderly energetically coexist in the society and that the energy passes to many peoples and that the huge networks are finlally formed. I envisage that the inclusive design and 3D printing will evoke and progress the networks

 Brief personal history
-Researched about water and aqueous solution in graduate school, Master of Engineering

-Engaged in R&D in a manufacturing company

-Engaged in development of processing technology, electronic devices, etc., and in

 feasibility study, patent & technology search 
-Founded Mizu laboratory