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Inclusive Designで快適生活を支援する

ミズラボラトリの 3D Print design は "Cool & Functional"

Have you felt it?

"Joy of…" represents the joy of doing something, the joy of enabling something. Have you ever felt the perfect joy in your everyday activities?

•Eating in a restaurant

•Registering at a hotel front desk

•Drinking tea at a tearoom

•Sending inputs using a keyboard
•Drinking water from a bottle

In these activities, your fingers usually work smoothly. But what if you can’t firmly grip things due to muscle weakness or have difficulty moving your fingers due to disabilities?

"Self-help devices" are tools that can bring the joy of making the impossible possible.

Why did I decide to make the self-help devices?

I happened to discover a self-help device for keyboard input on a TV program when I experienced morning stiffness in my fingers. When I saw that scene, I thought, "I want to use it" if it has a "cool" design.

That’s when I decided to try designing it myself. It became the starting point of my project.

I began learning 3D design software and acquired a desktop 3D printer. Through trial and error, I developed an input assist device. When I received the output print from an industrial-scale 3D printer at Shapeways (a 3D printing vendor based in the US), I was convinced that it was a usable tool and that I wanted to use it.

After opening a shop on the Shapeways marketplace in 2014, I have designed and developed numerous 3D-printed self-help devices suitable for various situations. My goal is to create assistive devices that are stylishly used in both private and public settings, based on the concepts of "cool" and "desire to use.“

How should be the self-help devices?

Just like products used by healthy individuals, self-help devices should also be attentively designed, with functionality and design harmoniously integrated. The 3D-printed assistive devices created by a lot of talented designers with many ideas and produced by the latest industrial-scale 3D printers have reached a product level with high definition and durability.

I am always driven by the hope that such devices will become accessible to many individuals.



「Joy of …」は「~する喜び」「~できる喜び」を表したものです。私たちの何気ない日頃の行動の中に、この上ない喜びがあることを感じたことがあるでしょうか?

















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